Newark DE

Fences are meant to give you security, add safety to your space, keep invaders out and give your property exclusivity and prestige.

Guardian Fence Company supplies commercial and residential security fences in Newark, Delaware, to do all of that and more.

With dozens of different fence and gate types to choose, Guardian Fence Company will help you find the ideal fence for your needs, including both function and appearance.

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential security fences in Newark, Delaware, Guardian Fence Company can help you find the perfect addition to your property. Since 1957, Guardian Fence has helped home and business owners stay safe and keep their property and assets secure.

Our gates are durable and long-lasting over years and years of use, with the ability to withstand the elements, give you a secure perimeter and operate a smoothly opening gate.

Choose from chain link fences for extra security, ornamental fences for curb appeal, wood fences for a rustic look, wrought iron fences with stone posts to add beauty and prestige, and much more. We deliver modular fences for construction projects, dog kennels, windscreens and many other projects.

Take a look at the commercial and residential security fences available in Newark, Delaware, at Guardian Fence Company and select a model that suits your needs.

Call today or send us a message to order a secure, durable fence customized to fit your property or call for fence repairs, gate repairs and custom powder coating and more.