Guardian Fence Company installs residential and commercial chain link fences in Eastern Maryland to give your home or business extra privacy and security.

From warehouses and private parking lots to sheltered dining areas and more, we can build the perfect fence and gate for your needs.

With over 60 years of experience, and dozens of fence and gate varieties, we can help you select the perfect gate for your home or business and take care of the design, installation and any repairs you may require.

Fences can be used to keep pets and children in your yard, keep intruders and unwelcome guests out, or designate entry to particular residents of business staff members.

Guardian Fence Company installs residential and commercial chain link fences in Eastern Maryland as well as wooden fences, vinyl, aluminum, steel, iron and more.

If security is your primary concern, we install barbwire or razor wire around the top of your fence.

If you are looking for aesthetic appeal as well as security, a tall picket fence will give your home classic charm while keeping intruders out or an iron fence with an attractive gate can be used to add elegance and sophistication to your home while also securing your property.

We build fences of all types for all types of properties, whether you have a sprawling yard you would like to enclose, a large parking lot, an apartment building or another smaller space.

Contact Guardian Fence Company today to install a residential or commercial chain link fence in Eastern Maryland or install another of our privacy or security fences.

We are happy to provide more information on any fence type or any arrangement.