Dover DE

Guardian Fence Company helps keep your property safe and secure with custom high security and chain link fences in Dover, Delaware.

Whether you are trying to keep children and pets within your property or you are trying to keep intruders out, we help you find your perfect fence.

With exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality installation and a diverse range of fences and gates to choose, Guardian Fence Company will provide you with a sturdy, long-lasting and attractive fence and gate for your business or home.

Guardian Fence Company will design, build and install custom high security and chain link fences in Dover, Delaware, to suit your needs and your business.

With added protective measures like controlled access or telephone access gates, barb wire, razor wire, slats, vinyl coating and more, we make your fence a protective perimeter around your entire property.

We will build fences for privacy around pool areas or backyards, windscreens to protect fields and courts or fences and gates around apartments and parking lots to allow only guests and staff members.

If you would like to enclose your pool, restrict access to your home with a gate in front of your driveway, or you are looking for a quaint picket fence around your home, we also have a variety of residential fences to suit your needs.

Contact Guardian Fence Company to learn more about custom high-security chain link fences in Dover, Delaware. Tell us what type of fence you are looking for, and we will customize your order.